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An historic day for Ireland, Eileen McMahon and her client

Eileen McMahon of Eileen McMahon Solicitors (Co Clare) acknowledges the historic day for Ireland in televising and broadcasting Supreme Court Judgements and her client’s case was successful. She has been involved in the H -V Review Committee case since 2011 but her client had been pursuing justice since 2005.

Follow up on our Illusion of Justice report

PRESS RELEASE 6.08.15 Further to our report ‘Illusion of Justice’ in respect of the Magdalen Women we have been endeavouring to find out the role of Voluntary Action Camden (VAC) who was paid the grant of €250,000 to assist Magdalen Women. The Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald told the Dail that: To facilitate good governance,Continue Reading

St Patrick’s Day 2014 is a landmark day

After many months of hard work, today marks the official launch of the company, Claddagh Heart Solutions, and the publication of the book, Restoring Humanity. The launch event is tonight at 6pm at the Fairfax Suite, Crown Moran Hotel, 626 Chiswick High Road, London W4 5RY.