Colour Psychology

Colour Mirrors is a colour system using the psychology of colour to help a client identify, analyse and transform areas of their life that no longer work for them. Colour Mirrors enhances, amplifies and encourages areas of potential, growth and empowerment.

A client is asked to choose 9 bottles. A reading is then given from the colour choices made. Each colour choice acts like a mirror.  The personal colour choice will reflect back to the person the specific patterns of behaviour that they might not be aware of that could be subconsciously creating a lack of money, love, health and happiness. At the same time, each colour will shine back to them the potential they hold. Each one will remind them of their talents, gifts and personal power.

With Colour Mirrors you can access Colour Therapy in the form of various empowering products and services. Products include Oils and Essences made from natural materials, which can be used in healing baths, in meditation or as aura or room spray.