Matrix Re-imprinting

Matrix Re-imprinting is a completely new personal development technique that dramatically improves health and well-being by allowing a client to access and transform painful memories that may be holding them trapped in the past. It was developed from the popular self-help technique, EFT, a meridian tapping therapy that has shown outstanding results with both physical and emotional issues. Matrix Re-imprinting advances EFT by incorporating all the latest developments in the New Sciences and quantum physics. This technique can be self-taught and can help a client to overcome a variety of health and emotional challenges, including:

  • negative beliefs;
  • addictions;
  • phobias and traumas;
  • allergies;
  • relationship issues.

Matrix Birth Re-imprinting

This method was devised by Sharon King. She confirms in her training:

  • The importance of parent and child bonding;
  • the development of the child’s brain and senses during pregnancy, birth and infancy;
  • how the brain development and the belief systems of the child are formed during this period;
  • birth stories and how they affect our lives;
  • how these issues can be helped through EFT and Matrix Birth Re-imprinting.

A negative birth situation can lead to patterns of:

  • depression;
  • substance abuse;
  • eating disorders;
  • childhood and adult suicide;
  • aggression and violence;
  • rape and abuse;
  • skin problems such as eczema;
  • asthma;
  • feeling of disconnection and separation;
  • mental disorders;
  • high state of anxiety or worry

This technique works to clear any birth trauma a client may have. The client can work on their own birth with a practitioner who works with the client and the echo of their baby at whatever age. Any issues with the mother are cleared before the Matrix birth re-imprinting (MBR).  An example could be if the client knows that they were not wanted. Any emotions from the mother, such as fear or shame, can be cleared. Then a delivery space is set up and it is agreed who will be there at the MBR delivery.