Metatronic Healing

Metatronic healing allows someone the space to express what is on their mind. But the focus is not on the problem. Instead the focus is on seeking to transcend the problem.

The first foundation stone of the system is the process of removing the story from the body. This does not mean wiping out someone’s personal history and whatever it is they hold dear. It means removing pain, trauma and all that has kept them away from fulfilment, health, wealth, creativity and success. It means dissolving the self-sabotaging stories that a person tells themselves such as “I am powerless”, “I am not good enough”, or “I do not have the talents.”

The process involves taking the client into a comfortable state of relaxation. It involves guiding them into gentle but deep resonance with the energies of their body, where all knowledge and memory is held. This semi-hypnotic state, supported by the Metatron energies channelled through the therapist, guides their attention to the ancient blocks, those places in the body where the core issues of their life are lodged, beneath their conscious awareness. The Metatronic energies gently penetrate to the root of these blocks by dissolving, lifting, and removing them. Once this has happened the client is asked whether they would like to replace what is removed with a colour, crystal or flower.

Sometimes after a healing session a client might feel very tired or very energised. It is important that a client rests after a treatment session.