Spiritual Healing/Reiki

Reiki is spiritually guided life-force energy that uses its own wisdom to bring healing, balance and harmony to the recipient. It is unresponsive to any direction of wishes of the practitioner. This is a very gentle treatment. Reiki heals by flowing through the disfunctioning parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. I use my own style of hands on healing which is a combination of Reiki and Spiritual Healing. 

Inner Child Work

Everyone has an inner child. For some people it is more apparent than for others. When an individual has gone through trauma at a young age, the child is unable to cope with what is happening to them and goes deep within themselves. They do this to protect themselves. Another part of their being takes over from that child. As the child gets older and goes through more bad experiences the body breaks into more parts. These parts are called the inner child.

Healing ancestral patterns

David Furlong in his book Healing Your Family Pattern concludes that there are three distinct aspects to healing ancestral patterns.

The first is the role of the ancestors themselves. In other words, the sort of lives that they led and what influences they might be exerting from beyond the grave. If these are beneficial, what can be done to ameliorate or change their impact?

The second facet is a person’s unique genetic make-up as encoded in their DNA. What methods might be adopted to modify any conflicting patterns?

Finally, what Dr. Hiroshi Motoyarka has called family karma. This can perhaps best be seen as a form of psychic family link. These links may need resolution or severing so that karma is broken.