The Superior Catholic

‘Those People’ over there, they are not like YOU and ME

You see God has Chosen us not them.

Come closer and listen to me – as I look over at them – I can only feel pity that they didn’t make the grade.

I still follow my Catholic faith and I never turn my back on them. I had to show God my greatness by caring for them and being charitable.

Did you know I set up many institutions in my life time and hospitals? I won’t lie there were times when it helped to have a large group of them – it brought money in – and  I could then attract others benefactors to enhance my faith. I enjoyed standing outside the biggest institutions knowing that in God’s eyes I was serving him well.

These rosary beads in my hand made by young girls. They would have been destitute, if we hadn’t cared for them and then they give back. It is a great system. Our institutions had laundries and bakeries. A real hive of industry for ‘those people’ to come and work in.

I can see that you understand that we had to make the rules and tell ‘those people’ what to do. We are doing it for their own good – they can’t think for themselves – little education.

When we set up a hospital we send ‘those people’ to it. We can’t have a hospital half empty now can we. That isn’t what the Lord wanted was it? How can we show how charitable we are, if we are working from small places? My motto was the bigger the better. When I look back at old photos; I started off wearing a small cross but noticed as the buildings got bigger, so did my cross – it was a symbol to me that I had become such a great Christian.

I heard recently that there has been a rising up of ‘those people’ and some of them are starting to question my authority. I heard one upstart saying ‘We are all one in God’s eyes’ I have never heard anything so deluded in my life. They were talking all gibberish saying that we are all equal and we should work from the heart.

I am going to ensure that I don’t lose our grip on my community. We are the superior ones and I am not giving away my power and control to no upstart.

So listen carefully to me – nothing is going to change – we will carry on as we always have – block any kind of investigation – don’t give ‘those people’ any power. We will be okay because always remember we are the chosen ones NOT THEM.

Eileen McMahon




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